Geyserville Volunteer Firefighter’s Assocation (GVFA)

The Geyserville Volunteer Firefighter’s Assocation (GVFA) is made up mostly of current members and a few past members of the Geyserville Fire Dept. The GVFA’s primary responsiblity is to raise money to buy equipment and supplies to increase the level of service that the Geyserville Fire Protection District (GFPD) can provide. The GVFA differs from the GFPD in that the GFVA is a non-profit orginzation run by volunteers who raise money through fundraisers. The GFPD is a special district that receives a portion of property taxes every year. The GFPD then uses its tax money to run the fire department. The GFPD’s income is limited to the annual tax revenue it receives. The GVFA raises money to support the GFPD’s goal of providing the best level of service possible. Before the Geyserville Fire Deparment became a fire protection district in 1996, all of the expenses of running the fire department were paid for by the GVFA. Since becoming a fire district the GVFA has been able to spend its money on more than just the basics. The GVFA has purchased rescue equipment and Automated External Defibrillators (used to jump start your heart if it stops). In 2001 the GFPD opened Station 3 located on Dry Creek Road. Station 3 was paid for by your donations and was built mostly with donated labor. In 2004 the GFPD took delivery of Engine 6181. The New Fire Engine, which cost $280,000 was paid for by donations to the GVFA.

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